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Wisdom Teeth Extraction - Waco, TX

Comfortable Removals for
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Sometimes, having a tooth removed is necessary to protect your oral and overall health. One of the most common types of tooth extraction is that of the wisdom teeth. In fact, this procedure is so frequently needed that it is often considered as something of a rite of passage for older teens. At Heart of Texas Smiles, we offer this procedure with extreme comfort and efficiency. Keep reading to learn more about how it works, and what you can expect from wisdom teeth extraction in Waco.

What Are the Wisdom Teeth?

impacted wisdom tooth

The wisdom teeth are a set of “extra” molars that may start to erupt, or come through the gums, starting in the late teen years. We say these teeth are “extra” because they are not necessary for proper oral form and function. In fact, if they are present in the jaw, the wisdom teeth often end up causing more trouble than anything else. If there is not enough space in the gum line, the molars may become impacted, or stuck. Infection is likely to occur as well.

More often than not, wisdom teeth will need to be removed. Some of the symptoms of problematic wisdom teeth include:

  • An ache in the back of the jaw
  • A foul odor emerging from the back of the jaw
  • Visibly erupted wisdom teeth
  • Swelling, redness, or pus emerging from the back of the jaw
  • Difficulty opening the mouth wide
  • Ear, neck, or head pain

How Does the Procedure Work?

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Wisdom tooth extraction takes place over the course of one visit to our office. We will schedule the surgery at a time that is most convenient for you or your child to ensure that you will have plenty of time to rest after the procedure. First, we administer the local anesthesia and sedation as desired for additional relaxation (more on that below). Once you are completely comfortable, Meet Dr. Lassetter and Meet Dr. Rivacoba will open the gum line and remove any bone that may be trapping the tooth. Then, the tooth is taken out in several pieces. After the tooth has been completely removed, the gum is closed with sutures and healing begins.

How We Keep You Comfortable

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You don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable throughout the wisdom teeth removal. We will ensure that you are completely relaxed using local anesthesia, which numbs the treatment area. Sedation is available in pill form -- simply pop the prescribed medication about a half hour before the treatment and you will be feeling totally relaxed by the time you are settling into the dental chair! We will continually monitor your comfort levels throughout the procedure to ensure you remain relaxed.

Contact Us Today

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At Heart of Texas Smiles, we are happy to offer a list of high-quality services for patients of all ages, including dental extractions in Waco. If you or your child are experiencing the symptoms of problematic wisdom teeth, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office to book an appointment!