Orthodontics Waco

Aligning Teeth to Generate Healthier Smiles

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At Heart of Texas Smiles General & Cosmetic Dentistry, we like to say that we have everything a smile could ever need under one roof. That’s why in addition to several general dentistry services, we also offer a full range of orthodontic treatments for both children and adults. Whether you want to fix your child’s crooked and crowded teeth or you’re hoping to improve your own smile, our team has the training and experience to help you get what you need as quickly and efficiently as possible. To learn more about our orthodontic treatments in Waco and which one might be best for you, contact us today.

Why Choose Heart of Texas Smiles General & Cosmetic Dentistry for Orthodontics?

  • No Referrals Necessary – Everything is Completed In-House
  • Invisalign & Traditional Braces Available
  • We Treat Children & Adults

Traditional Orthodontics

Smiling teenage girl with traditional braces

Traditional orthodontics refers to metal braces, which are still the most reliable, durable, and affordable orthodontic treatment available today. They can correct minor and major alignment problems in the teeth and jaws with ease. They still work the same trusted way—a wire held in place by brackets on the teeth applies a pressure that slowly moves them—but thankfully, they have gotten a cosmetic update over the past few years, giving them a subtler appearance that blends more easily into the smile.

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Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Hand holding two Invisalign clear aligners

If you’re an adult with misaligned teeth, the thought of wearing metal braces to work has probably prevented you from straightening them for years. Thankfully, Invisalign was designed with you in mind. Instead of brackets and wires, it uses a series of clear plastic aligner trays to gently move the teeth into their proper positions. They are so thin and discreet that no one will notice you’re using Invisalign unless you tell them, and whenever it’s time to eat or brush, you can simply take the trays out until you’re done.

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Should orthodontic issues be the reason your child is unable to breathe normally and achieve a complete night’s rest, it may be time to inquire about HealthyStart™. Using this unique system, we can create a device that improves the function and alignment of their bite and teeth while also helping them to breathe easier and get the sleep they need and deserve.

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