My Dental Crown Fell Out; What Should I Do Now?

December 13, 2023

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Dentists have used dental crowns for centuries to restore compromised teeth to their original sizes and functions. Technology has only improved as time has gone by, leading to modern crowns being virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. However, crowns can come loose and fall out due to age, injury, or infection, and it’s important to schedule an appointment with your emergency dentist if this happens. Here are a few tips to help you stay comfortable until your appointment and achieve the best possible result from the ordeal.

What Can Cause a Crown to Fall Out?

While long-lasting, crowns are not permanent and will eventually need replacement. With excellent care, they can last for up to fifteen years or more. However, they may fall out suddenly if:

  • You have not been keeping up with regular dentist’s appointments. Without regularly seeing a dental professional, you may miss signs that your crown is due for replacement because of aging cement.
  • You suffer a dental injury. Crowns can fall off due to trauma from sporting injuries, accidents, and the like. In some cases, a crown can fall off due to a broken tooth.
  • You have tooth decay under the crown. Without proper oral hygiene, a crown can provide shelter to harmful bacteria. Tooth decay in the treated tooth will have to be resolved before a new crown can be placed.

What Should I Do Immediately After My Crown Falls Out?

The two priorities after you lose your dental crown are calling your dentist to schedule an emergency appointment and securing the crown so you can bring it to the office if possible. Do your best not to swallow the crown, as it is possible that the crown can be reattached if the tooth is otherwise healthy and the crown is in good shape.

How Can I Take Care of My Crown and Tooth Until My Appointment?

It’s important to keep both the tooth and the crown clean and in good shape until your appointment. Using a soft brush and a sensitive toothpaste, gently clean the exposed tooth. Gently clean all surfaces of the crown as well, taking care to remove any debris and old cement from its inside. If you know exactly how the crown fits over your tooth, you can attempt to reattach it using a touch of toothpaste or temporary crown cement. Do not attempt to reattach the crown with superglue or anything else.

While losing a dental crown can be a stressful situation, knowing what to do when it happens can help you keep your cool and achieve the best possible result. Your dentist has been trained to handle this situation and will know just what to do.

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