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Crowns & Bridges

At Heart of Texas Smiles, we’re happy to offer a wide range of restorative dentistry services to Waco, TX families including custom porcelain crowns and dental bridges. A dental crown is often placed when a tooth is damaged due to decay or injury. It completely encases the natural tooth, sealing off compromised areas to prevent future bacterial invasion. Crowns also restore strength and function allowing the patient to continue eating a varied diet of nutritional and delicious foods. Bridges are designed to help patients replace a full tooth and prevent remaining teeth from shifting out of proper alignment.

Benefits of Porcelain Crowns

While some dental crowns are made with metal components like gold or palladium, modern aesthetic crowns are crafted using tooth-colored porcelain that mimics the appearance of natural enamel. This allows us to improve the structural integrity of your tooth without marring the seamless look of your smile. Our patients enjoy the cosmetic appeal of porcelain crowns, particularly when the tooth that requires treatment is located in a highly visible area of the mouth.

Crowns can be used to cover a cosmetic flaw, repair a damaged tooth, or affix a dental bridge. Crown and bridge treatment replaces one or more consecutive missing teeth. The replacement teeth are held securely and permanently in place by two crowns on either side of the gap caused by the missing teeth. The result is a fully restored smile that still looks and feels natural.

CEREC Same-Day Crowns

Because we know that convenience is a big factor when you consider which dentist to choose in Waco, we have equipped our office with technology that allows us to design, create, and place your porcelain crowns all in one simple visit. The CEREC same-day crown system features 3D imaging technology and an on-site milling unit to take digital impressions and craft your beautiful custom crown right here in about an hour. This added convenience is just one of the ways we ensure that your every visit to our office is pleasant and comfortable.

Dental Bridges

Do you need to replace a full tooth? To the gap in your smile, we offer custom-made dental bridges. Bridges are composed of a replacement tooth plus two crowns known as abutment crowns. These crowns are placed over the healthy teeth on each side of your gap and provide the entire restoration stability. In most cases, a full bridge procedure can be completed in as few as two visits to our Waco office. 

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Whether you are in need of a new porcelain crown or are interested in any of our other restorative and cosmetic dentistry services, our team is standing by and ready to help. Contact us today to schedule your visit to Heart of Texas Smiles, and see the difference that our commitment and advanced technology makes in your smile. Our Waco, TX dental office warmly welcomes patients from throughout the surrounding areas, including Robinson, Woodway, and beyond.