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What Is the Adjustment to Implant Dentures Like?

February 4, 2022

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3D implant dentures illustration

Peanut butter and jelly, steak and potatoes, Abbott and Costello…some things are just better together! That’s also the case when dentures and dental implants join forces. You do not need a dedicated implant for each tooth you intend to receive. Implant dentures are usually held in place with 4-6 implants, and each one integrates with your existing bone and gum tissue to ensure a long-lasting fit. Keep reading to learn if you are a candidate, discover their benefits, and find out what it’s like adjusting to implant dentures in Waco.


Tips for Traveling with Invisalign

September 24, 2021

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woman in Waco holding Invisalign

It’s been a long time, but you’re finally planning out a vacation with your friends. You’re excited to see new places and eat new foods, but this is going to be your first time traveling with your new Invisalign aligners. Though Invisalign offers a number of benefits over traditional braces, it can make going on vacation more challenging. Whether you’re traveling with Invisalign by plane or by car, these tips will make it easier for you to enjoy a fun, stress-free retreat.


How Long Does Invisalign Treatment Take to Work?

September 9, 2021

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young girl putting Invisalign aligner on

If you have crooked teeth, you’re probably researching your options to help you achieve a straighter smile. Invisalign is one popular solution that most patients prefer because treatment is discreet and comfortable! But before moving forward with it, you might be wondering how long the clear aligners will take to work. Luckily, we can help you understand what to expect from the process. Read on to learn what the average Invisalign timeline is based on several factors.


Why Is My Dental Implant Sensitive?

August 12, 2021

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Woman with sensitivity in dental implant

Missing a tooth no longer means that you need to go the rest of your life without it. There are several tooth replacement options out there to choose from. Dental implants are a preferred method because of their numerous benefits, including the fact that they feel just like your natural teeth. But what if you start experiencing sensitivity around your dental implant? There are several reasons why this could be happening. Continue reading to learn what they are and what you can do about it.


Which Foods Should You Avoid After Teeth Whitening?

July 27, 2021

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woman reacting after drinking wine

Who doesn’t want a beautiful, pristinely white smile? After all, it can significantly improve your appearance and quality of life. If you’ve decided to pull the trigger and invest in teeth whitening treatment, you might be wondering how you can preserve your bright results for as long as possible. Well, it may surprise you to learn that some seemingly innocent foods can ruin your treatment. Read along as we discuss a few foods you should avoid after teeth whitening.


Can You Get Teeth Whitening After Braces?

July 13, 2021

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girl pointing to white smile after braces

The day has finally come. You have reached the end of your orthodontic treatment, and your braces are officially coming off! After your dentist removes the metal wires and brackets, you marvel at how straight your smile is now. But there’s one thing that catches your eye instantly – your teeth are uneven in color! Before you start searching for solutions, there are a few things you should know about teeth whitening after braces – read on to learn more.


Can I Drink Alcohol After Having a Tooth Extracted?

June 23, 2021

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woman says no to alcohol after tooth extraction

If a dentist recommends having a tooth pulled, it’s somewhat of a last resort for maintaining optimal oral health. After the surgery is completed, it takes time to fully recover. To encourage expedient healing, it’s necessary to follow the dentist’s instructions and maintain healthy practices at home. With that in mind, will drinking alcohol after tooth extraction be harmful? Continue reading to find out.


Could a Tooth Extraction Actually be Beneficial for You?

June 10, 2021

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woman learns the benefits of tooth extraction

As a general rule, dentists do everything in their power to preserve as many natural teeth as possible. Still, there are exceptions – when having a tooth pulled is the best route to take. As you continue reading, learn about the benefits of tooth extraction.


Oh No! I Lost My Invisalign Aligner – What Should I Do?

May 14, 2021

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After eating lunch, you reach for your Invisalign aligners to put them back on. Then…oh no. Dread instantly sinks in. You could have sworn you put the aligners in the case but now, you’re not so sure. You try retracing your steps but quickly realize you have no idea where you placed them.

It’s understandable if your first instinct is to panic, but there’s no need to worry! Take comfort in knowing that you’re not the only patient who has been stuck in this predicament. There are some practical steps you can take after losing a tray—read along to find out what they are.


3 Professions Where Invisalign Can Benefit You

May 2, 2021

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Businesswoman with Invisalign in Waco

These days, if you are looking to straighten your smile, you don’t need to settle for a mouthful of metal brackets and wires for who knows how long. Instead, you can opt for Invisalign in Waco. This treatment involves the use of clear aligners in order to slowly shift your teeth into their rightful locations. While anyone can benefit from Invisalign, there are some professions that make this treatment particularly appealing. Read on to learn about the benefits of Invisalign as well as who can benefit the most from it.

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