Celebrate National Align Your Teeth Day This Year!

July 2, 2023

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August 11th is National Align Your Teeth Day, a day championed by dentists, orthodontists, and all other professionals in the dental field. The primary goal of this holiday is to promote awareness about the need for proper dental alignment, as well as the benefits that patients gain access to when they opt for orthodontic treatment. With that in mind, here’s more about why you should desire to have a straight and healthy smile, along with a few ways that your trusted orthodontist can help you reach that goal!

Why You Should Want to Have Straight Teeth

There is an incredible amount of value in having a straight set of teeth that many people simply overlook. A good analogy for highlighting this is a mechanic and his toolbox: a mechanic relies on his tools for various tasks, and to effectively complete those jobs, his tools must be accounted for and in working order. Your teeth function similarly—they’re the tools that you rely on for eating, speaking, and other fundamental oral movements, and if they aren’t properly situated inside of your mouth, they can’t work to the best of their ability!

Proper dental alignment vastly enhances tooth and jaw function, thus maximizing long-term oral health and comfort. Not to mention, straighter teeth are also remarkably easier to care for, meaning that oral health issues aren’t as likely to progress. And lastly, a straighter smile is simply more attractive—the unparalleled boost in self-esteem is reason enough to seek out treatment!

How Orthodontists Assist with Dental Misalignment

Since no two smiles are exactly the same, orthodontists must take different approaches when assisting patients with dental misalignment. Here’s a brief overview of the most common solutions for addressing the issue:

  • Traditional metal braces – Perhaps the most tried-and-true of all orthodontic treatments, metal brackets and wires are attached to teeth so that they can shift them into healthier, straighter positions inside the mouth. There’s a great deal of variance when it comes to braces, and they can be used for either mild or severe cases.
  • Clear aligner therapy – Often viewed as the convenient alternative to braces, options like Invisalign rely on special, clear plastic aligners to apply gradual pressure to teeth. It’s ideal for patients who don’t want to deal with the hassle of metal brackets and wires, though it cannot be used for severe cases of misalignment.
  • Veneers – Veneers don’t technically assist with dental misalignment, but it is worth mentioning that they can give teeth a straighter appearance, which is sometimes preferred by patients with mild orthodontic issues that don’t want to undergo lengthy or complex treatment.

If you’re hoping to observe National Align Your Teeth Day this year, there’s no better way than by visiting your provider and having your pearly whites examined—this will allow your orthodontist to examine your smile so that you two can work together to align your teeth and meet your smile goals!

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The talented team at Heart of Texas Smiles has proudly served families in the Waco, TX area for several years. The practice is excited to offer a wide range of services including various orthodontic options for patients who desire straighter smiles. If you have any questions about the blog or you’d like to schedule an appointment for you or someone you know, feel free to contact the practice through their website or by telephone for additional information: (254) 848-0240.

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